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The legal framework within which the Chambers of Commerce operate was changed fundamentally by Law 4/2014 of 1st April on the Chambers of Commerce (Ley 4/2014 de 1 de abril, Básica de las Cámaras).  It established the possibility for companies belonging to the Chambers of Commerce to make voluntary financial contributions in support of these institutions.

The Chambers of Commerce continue to be public law corporations, collaborating with the government and with a clear mandate to promote international trade and training programmes amongst a host of other services.  In this new context, as non-for-profit institutions promoting the interests of businesses in general, new sources of income are now required for the Chambers to continue being able to offer these services in their corresponding region.

To this end, socially responsible companies from each area are being invited to make contributions  to support their respective Chamber as a vital instrument for the implementation of programmes promoting businesses, their internationalization and boosting competitiveness as well as programmes for young people and entrepreneurs.  In return, these partner companies can take advantage of a series of benefits detailed below:

Benefits for becoming a Partner Company of the Chamber of Commerce

Firstly, all Partner Companies of the Mallorca Chamber shall enjoy the same benefits as members of Club Cambra Mallorca.  Of particular interest is:

  • The opportunity to organize joint business seminars, held in distinctive spaces within our headquarters and publicising your event through our dedicated corporate channels (with more than 6,000 email addresses for direct marketing purposes).
  • The opportunity to advertise special promotions to members of Club Cambra Mallorca as well as prescribing your services to our organization (made up of SME's, freelance professionals, directors and entrepreneurs).

The company logo of the partner company will appear on the homepage of the Chamber's website as recognition of its voluntary financial contribution, raising its visibility and brand positioning.

Furthermore, in view of the new financing scheme, the law allows the Chambers to encourage voluntary contributions by giving the largest donors representation on their governing bodies.

In particular, Law 1/2017 on the Chambers of Commerce of the Balearic Islands (Ley 1/2017 de Cámaras de las Illes Balears) specifies that 10 members of the General Assembly of the Mallorca Chamber of Commerce will be representatives from the participating companies making the largest donations, and will be chosen according to the sum of the donation and the sponsorships undertaken by said companies.  The Mallorca Chamber of Commerce's Internal Rules of Procedure establish that the minimum amount for such a donation to be €5,000 annually, and for the duration of the four-year mandate.

The Parter Companies can also participate in the Chamber's Work Commissions of their choice, thus giving them direct access to fomenting relationships with sector representatives as well as having a direct finger on the pulse of current business opinion and commercial activity; and from where they can also put forward proposals for the Chamber to raise with public administration bodies or other relevant agents.

Why make voluntary donations to the Chamber of Commerce?

The Chamber is a non-for-profit entity, whose remit is to promote the business environment.  It has been a key instrument in civil society for more than 130 years acting in defence of general business interests.  By voluntarily contributing to the Chamber, you are contributing to the ecomomic and social development of Mallorca, helping to improve the employment of young people, supporting entrepreneurs and SME's as well as fulfilling a commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility.

These voluntary contributions to the chambers are tax deductable on taxes payable on business activities for companies subject to corporate tax and for the self-employed subject to personal income tax.  These contributions are subject to VAT, which is applied at the general tax rate of 21%.

Programme for Partner Companies
Susana Munar
Deputy Secretary-General
(+34) 971 71 01 88 (ext. 2224)

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