Terms of Use and Privacy Policy

Terms of Use and Privacy Policy

Legal Notice

Owner of the web

The Cámara Oficial de Comercio, Indústria, Servicios y Navegación de Mallorca (henceforth the MALLORCA CHAMBER), with CIF Q-0773001C and registered address C/Estudi General, 7 - 07001 Palma, Mallorca, is the owner of the website associated with the domain www.cambramallorca.com (henceforth WEB).

The current Legal Advice regulates the access to and use of the WEB, whose content is purely of an informative nature.

Conditions of Use for the website 


Access and browsing by a user on the WEB implies knowledge and unreserved acceptance of the clauses included in this Legal Advice, as well as the correct use of the WEB according to the current legislation, responding to any damages that may have been caused by a breach in this obligation.

You can contact us directly and effectively at the email address info@cambramallorca.com


Access to and browsing of the WEB is the exclusive responsibility of the users. 

The user commits to using the services and content of the WEB in accordance with the Law and the current general conditions.

The MALLORCA CHAMBER will not be responsible in any case for the use that users or third parties may make of the WEB and its contents, nor of the resulting damages and harm, as specified in the following clause.

In the case of any user or a third party believing that facts or circumstances exist that prove the illicit use of any content and/or undertaking of any activity on the webpages included or accessible via the WEB, he/she will notify the MALLORCA CHAMBER about the matter, duly identifying themselves, specifying the supposed infractions and declaring expressly and under his/her responsibility that the information supplied is correct.

Users who are registered for services via the WEB declare they are of legal age in accordance with Spanish legislation.  In the case of minors, parental or a guardian’s permission is required to be able to enjoy the services; this permission must be sent to the MALLORCA CHAMBER by email to info@cambramallorca.com.


The MALLORCA CHAMBER undertakes to make its best effort to avoid any error in the content which might appear on the WEB. In any case, the MALLORCA CHAMBER will be exempt from any responsibility derived from eventual errors in content that might appear on the WEB, unless compelled  by Law.

The MALLORCA CHAMBER reserves the right to update, modify or eliminate the content on the WEB as well as the right to limit or impede access to the same.  The MALLORCA CHAMBER will exercise these rights at any moment and with no prior notice.

The delivery of services and information included on the WEB are, in principle, for an indefinite length of time.  The MALLORCA CHAMBER can terminate or suspend the delivery of services and/or any other element on the WEB at any moment.  When it is reasonably possible, users will be warned in advance of the termination or cancellation of any service delivery.

The MALLORCA CHAMBER is not responsible in any way for any content, commercial activities, products or services included that can be seen through electronic links to third parties, direct or indirectly, through the WEB.  The presence of links on the WEB, except when shown to the contrary, have a merely informative purpose and in no case imply a suggestion, invitation or recommendation about them.  These links do not represent any relationship between the MALLORCA CHAMBER and individual or company owners of websites which may be reached through these links.  The MALLORCA CHAMBER reserves the right to unilaterally remove links that appear on its WEB at any time.

The establishment of a link or a hyperlink to the WEB from another web does not in any case imply the existence of a relationship between the MALLORCA CHAMBER and the owner of the website from which the link was made, nor the acceptance or approval on the part of the MALLORCA CHAMBER of its content or services.  Furthermore, no false, inexact or incorrect declarations or recommendations will be made about the MALLORCA CHAMBER, nor will any illicit content, going against good behaviour and public order be included.

The MALLORCA CHAMBER does not guarantee nor takes responsibility for the licit, reliable, useful, true, exact, exhaustive nature and actuality of the content of third parties published on the WEB and therefore will never be responsible for any damages or harm that they might cause.

The MALLORCA CHAMBER does not assume any responsibility nor guarantees that access to the WEB be uninterrupted or free of error. The MALLORCA CHAMBER does not assume any responsibility nor guarantees that the content or software which may be reached through the WEB be free of error nor cause damage to the computer equipment from which the user is acceding.  In no case shall the MALLORCA CHAMBER be responsible for the loss, harm or damages of any kind that arise from the use of and browsing on the WEB, including, without limit, any damages caused to information systems or caused by the introduction of a virus.  In particular, the MALLORCA CHAMBER is not responsible in any way for the crashing, interruption, mistake or defect in the telecommunications which may occur in the course of financial operations nor for any damages or harm that could occur in such cases.

The MALLORCA CHAMBER is not responsible for damages caused to users for their inadequate use of the WEB.


The MALLORCA CHAMBER can modify and vary at any moment the total or partial content of the conditions of use which are available and accessible in the footer of every page on the WEB.  Browsing on the WEB implies the acceptance of the conditions of use and that the acceptance is permanent, constant and ratified, and this acceptance will be understood as referring always to the conditions of use applicable at all times. 


The contents of the WEB are subjected to industrial and intellectual property rights owned by the MALLORCA CHAMBER.  Access to these does not give the user the right to alter, modify, exploit or reproduce, distribute, publicly communicate or whatever other right corresponds to the MALLORCA CHAMBER.  The user promises to use this content and/or elements to which he/she accedes through the WEB for his/her own use and needs, and in no case whether directly or indirectly, to undertake any commercial exploitation.

The design of the portal and its source codes, as well as its logos, commercial names and other distinctive signs that appear on the WEB belong to the MALLORCA CHAMBER and are protected by the corresponding intellectual and industrial property rights.


When the MALLORCA CHAMBER collects user data via its application forms, he/she might be asked if he/she wishes to receive communications or not. 

The channels available for the user to communicate with the MALLORCA CHAMBER that he/she no longer wishes to receive communications are: 

  • In the weekly digital newsletter, there is an option to unsubscribe which allows the user to stop receiving it.
  • For all other communications, an email must be written and sent to info@cambramallorca.com indicating that he/she does not wish to receive any further emails.

The user must bear in mind that the MALLORCA CHAMBER will keep his/her personal data with the sole aim of showing that he/she no longer wishes to receive communications and to keep them informed of services to which they are still registered. 


Any dispute or discrepancy arising in the interpretation or application of the current Conditions of Use, will be submitted to the competent Courts and Tribunals to consider such matters as they apply to consumers in the place where such obligation is to be carried out.

The current terms of use will be governed by Spanish Law.

Purchasing Conditions

The following set outs the conditions for procurement which are applicable when buying services through the WEB. 

The acceptance of the current conditions imply that you are of legal age, with sufficient capacity to contract and that you have read and understood what is laid down in the same.

The data which you provide us upon making a purchase will be treated according to the terms laid down in our Privacy Policy which you should also read, and should you agree, accept during the registering process, which is mandatory to be able to make a purchase.  

In the present document, the terms and conditions for purchasing services offered against payment of a charge published on the WEB are laid down.


To finalise an order, you must register as a client, providing the information requested in the form: email address, name and surname, date of birth, postal address for delivery, telephone etc, it being essential that you complete all the fields which the system indicates are necessary to process the order if you do not fill them in.  We remind you that you are responsible for the veracity, accuracy and correctness of the same.

Before ending the process of registering, you must read and, in the case of agreement, accept our Privacy Policy by marking the corresponding box.

The objective of the client account is to avoid having to introduce your personal data all over again for further purchases. If you wish to delete your client account, please get in touch with us.

If you detect any error in the data you have given in the form, you can and should proceed to correct it through your client account, or by getting in touch with us by telephone on (+34) 971 71 01 88 or by email at info@cambramallorca.com.

We reserve the right to verify your personal data supplied and to adopt any measures we consider necessary to guarantee the fulfilment of the current conditions.

If you have any promotional or discount code, you can use it using the corresponding field.  Discount coupons cannot be accumulated.

Once you have read the contracting conditions, if you agree with them, you can proceed to their acceptance by marking a box for this purpose and pushing the corresponding button to make the order or payment.

When the process has been completed satisfactorily, we will confirm the purchase by sending you an email to the address you provided, indicating in detail the order undertaken, the sum of the purchase and all related costs, enclosing a copy of the conditions of the purchase you have accepted in a PDF.


Payment by bank transfer: once you have finalized the whole process and you confirm the order, we will send to the email address you provided the number of the account where you must make the bank transfer.  If, after 72 hours from the confirmation of the order, no payment of the amount corresponding to the purchase has been received, the order will be automatically cancelled.

If you wish to facilitate proof of payment, you can send us a copy of the receipt of the transfer by email to the address indicated above.

Audiovisual Content

The organization of events, conferences, seminars and courses etc at the MALLORCA CHAMBER implies the possibility of generating audiovisual content of the participants.  During the registering process, therefore, with the aim of protecting their privacy, participants may express their preference for these images not be registered.  To this end, an area of the room will be cordoned off.  In the case where this is not possible to do, owing to the size of the room, images will be taken from behind the participants so that they cannot be identified.

When recording authorization is given, the user will also give his consent for the free use and exploitation of sequences filmed in the video, photographs taken and voice recordings for the widest legal use possible, both time-wise and territory-wise.

This audiovisual material will be used to promote and publicise the programmes and activities of the MALLORCA CHAMBER through the institution’s social media channels and other mass media communications.  Moreover, said videos, photographs or voice recordings will be edited in order to include them in different audiovisual formats for presentations at public events, always on behalf of the MALLORCA CHAMBER.

You will be informed about the use of video recording or photographs when it is different from that referred to above.

Regarding the transfer of image rights, according to what is laid down in this clause, you will be duly informed about the policy of how personal data is treated in accordance with current legislation. In any case, you will be able to exercise your rights of access, rectification, suppression, portability, limitation or opposition to the data treatment by providing written notice to the email address info@cambramallorca.com, inclosing with it a copy of any official document which proves your identity.