International Trade

International Trade

What is the EEN?

Enterprise Europe Network (EEN) is the the biggest support network for Small and Medium-sized enterprises seeking to innovate and grow internationally. 

EEN provides information and business opportunities in more than 50 countries, including the 28 member states of the European Union as well as other associated countries.  Set up by the Directorate General for Business & Industry of the European Commission, the network is make up of 600 organizations and 3,000 professionals. 

EEN Balears

What services does it offer?

We facilitate support and advice to companies on matters affecting the development of their business activities, divided into two parts:

Information and Advice 

  • Share information about Europe via news, seminars and training courses
  • Give advice to companies on current rules, legislation and opportunities a particular market offers for goods and services

Business Cooperation for Internationalisation

  • The biggest public database in Europe to give visibility to your products and services. 
  • Search Service to find Partners with whom to reach agreements for cooperation.
  • A host of brokerage events respresenting all the business sectors to have B2B meetings.

Publish your Cooperation Profile and Find a Business Partner in Europe

The Enterprise Europe Network (EEN) gives visibility to your products or services so that other European companies or those from countries outside the EU with whom the network has signed agreements of collaboration can contact you. In the EEN database, you will see all the published company profiles who wish to do business with you. 
To create and activate your EEN account:
  1. Become officially endorsed to use the EEN database
  2. Once you have completed the form, your client details will be validated.
  3. Next, you will have to click the link received by email to create a a query (a selection of fields to receive automatic alerts) 
  4. You can make various queries and edit or modify them as many times as necessary.  It is vital you select the following fields:
  • NACE Code/Keywords (at least one)
  • Type of collaboration you are seeking (commercial)
  • Type of events you wish to be informed about in your sector 

Inscribe yourself
Adele Bunbury
T. 971 71 01 88 (ext. 2433)

Who makes up the EEN in the Balearic Islands?

The Enterprise Europe Network´s (EEN) base station in the Balearic Islands (B2EN) is made up of the Mallorca Chamber of Commerce, the Fundació Bit and the Fundació Universit-Empresa of the Balearic Islands (FUEIB).


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