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International Trade

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We can help you develop your business sustainably in the international markets.  After the Public Administration, the institutions who dedicate most resources to promoting the internationalisation of companies and logistic support for them to carry out their activities are the Chambers of Commerce.  All the work undertaken by the Chambers in this field is reported annually in the Plan Cameral de Exportaciones (Cameral Export Plan) whose chief aim is to promote the internationalisation of businesses. 

Deciding to start exporting must be the end result of an internal process of reflection whereby this process has been integrated into the company's development strategy.  Exporting is not simple and your company needs to be prepared to compete in international markets. 

Together, we will consider the process of exporting for your particular company and provide a methodology which allows you to create a solid base to increase the possibilities of success in the international marketplace.  Furthermore, we will provide strategic guidelines depending on the market and your competitive position.

Thanks to the public sector aid programmes, which are co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund, we can prepare an Export Plan for your target market and provide the necessary tools to gain market share.

If you have never exported before
Before beginning the internationalisation process, we will help you consider the following aspects: 

  • The potential your company has for internationalisation 
  • Which markets are the most relevant and what you will need to export to them
  • How the process of internationalisation of your company should be

To increase your exports
Almost 49% of Spanish companies export, but only 4% do so on a regular basis.  The aim is not to export occasionally but regularly, and if possible, incrementally.  If you are already active and positioned in international markets and wish to increase your market share, we will help you analyse your situation and provide:

  • Strategic actions for your company to undertake
  • Results of your company's performance in these international markets
  • New markets for your company to explore

Alicia Bueno
Responsible for Internationalisation
T. (+34) 971 71 01 88 (ext. 2434)
Bases datos internacional

Database for International Trade

The Spanish Chamber of Commerce, in collaboration with the Inland Revenue, has developed a database for international trade, with detailed information on more than 9,000 products and 300 countries, which may be of great statistical use for companies wishing to export. 

Access International Trade database

Aid Programmes for Exportation

Develop your Internationalisation Plan and access economic subsidies to put it into practice thanks to  public sector programmes available through the Chambers' Network.


Documentation Procedures

Ask for the administrative procedure you need to facilitate your export operations: ATA Carnet, Certificate of Free Sale etc


Finding Partners in Europe

We are part of the EEN or Enterprise Europe Network, the largest support network for Small and Medium-sized European enterprises seeking to innovate and expand internationally.


Everything you need to know about Brexit

It is vital that companies prepare for the United Kingdon's exit from the European Union.  You can find some recommendations here. 

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